Spanish Guitar Lessons

Private guitar lessons in Sacramento

Private Spanish Guitar lessons are available in Sacramento, CA for flamenco and classical guitar. We are going to focus on technique, repertoire, “compás”, flamenco “palos”, song/singing accompaniment, musical theory, etc. Every lesson has the capability of being recorded and every lesson is followed with a detailed review email. Contact me for more details on rates and availability here!


It doesn’t matter how far you are, don’t let distance limit your learning. Skype lessons follow this format and consist of:

  • -One hour of live video chat with me
  • -Tablature with the lesson content
  • -Additional email and explanative video


Have you ever wished you could play a song, falseta, chord progression that your favorite guitarist plays? Leave it to me to show you how.
Send me a brief video or audio detailing what you need and want and you’ll receive all the necessary tools to play like your favorite artist.

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